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Now days Mini clip 8 Ball Multiplayer game is famous on Facebook more than 50 thousand to 60 thousands peoples are playing this game online at same time with each other, this game got popularity same as like Farm Valley.

8 Ball is a snooker game, why this game got that much popularity in less time because they provide real players to play with each other not a computer to play someone but in this game we have real players who play with each other from across the world, the game depend on point system mini clip will award 125 points to each person if he/she visit on daily bases and mini clip also give 25 points after every 25 minutes.

This game make a record to get more popular in just less time mini clip is one of famous company to make flash games for websites and children but this time mini clip make a revolutionary game which 8 ball.

8 Ball have nice graphics, multiplayer features and many more when you play 8 Ball you will think about cue club which is old snooker game, 8 Ball is same like cue club but in cue club we play with computer but in 8 Ball we play with all over the world.

8 Ball have better graphics then cue club in 8 ball you also buy cue’s and also play tournament and get best snooker player award.

8 Ball game also available for Android, iPhone and iPad so if you want to play this game on your mobile then don’t worry because mini clip also introduce this game for mobile phone so you can download this game from android market or apple app store.

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