How to add Custom Menu in WordPress theme

Wordpress Custome Menu
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WordPress 3.0 have lots of new features, in these features Custom Navigation Menu is one of them and today I teach you how to add custom menu in your own WordPress theme.

Add Custom Menu in WordPress Theme Step by Step

Step#1: First open your theme Function file (fuctions.php) and add following code.


Step#2: When you successfully add this code save your Function file (fuctions.php)
Step#3: Now open Header file (header.php) where you need to add menu.
Step#4: Add following code in your Header file where you want Custom Navigation Menu

Step#5: When you successfully add above code in header file then update it and close the editor window.

Step#6: Now go to your website WordPress Admin Panel (Dashboard) then Mouse over or click on Appearance Section, you can see the menu link and its means that you successfully add the Custom Navigation Menu function. Click on Menu and add or create menu for your website.


WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS on internet at this time because more than 1 million website on internet is built on WordPress; if you are expert to do customization in WordPress theme I am sure you will earn more from this business.

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