How to Use CCleaner in Windows, Linux and MacOS

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CCleaner is most popular software or tool for cleaning of computer and smart phones, CCleaner remove junk files and increase performance of your PC. CCleaner is freeware software so you can download it and use it easily.

How to Use CCleaner

Each and every Computer need a software who automatically clean computer Junk files and cookies so CCleaner company introduce it software which do all those things you just need to download that software and install that software into your PC it is very easy to use when you open its interface you will understand how to use this software and its also available for Window, Linux and MacOS

Benefits of CCleaner

CCleaner is just like a dustbin it help your computer to throw dust from your computer it make your computer clean like an home and CCleaner is one of the amazing dustbin I see for computers.

Screenshot of CCleaner


CCleaner have following features

Clean Internet history, cookies, recent type urls, Index.dat file and temporary files.
Clean the Windows Registry, Temporary Files, Memory Dumps and Windows Logs file.
CCleaner can uninstall software’s from your computer with its Registry.
CCleaner can add or remove startup programs.
CCleaner can restore your system.
CCleaner can wipe any harddisk partition or drive.

CCleaner is esential tool for your PC. Download this tool and clean your computer.

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