How to detect malware in WordPress website

Hacker add malware in wordpress website
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Hackers are on internet now day’s hacker are hacking more than 10 thousand websites on daily bases, to hack a website is not too much difficult today.

What hackers do with your website?

Hackers add malware to your website which slowly destroy your website, they enter in your website with the help of database and then add malware to your website.

They add malware in Images, JavaScript files, CSS files, Database fields, Plugins and in many more things, if you want to save your website from malware you need to scan your website for malware once in a week from this way you can monitor your website status about malware.

What is malware?

Malware is a virus which slowly destroys your website and also it allow access of your website to hackers so hackers come to your website easily and get your website personal information.

How to detect Malware in your Website

There are lots of online tool available which scan your website free of cost and tell you about your website malware and other virus, you just need to put your website URL in scan box and it automatically start scan for your website it scan your whole website including database and internal JavaScript files, if you don’t take malware seriously you will face big problem with your website so we suggest you to scan your website for malware once in a week.

Online Malware scanning tools

1) Sucuri

Malware online detection tool

2) Virustotal

Detect online malware

Both 2 are amazing resources here you can easily scan you website and check that your website contain malware or not it’s free of cost.

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I scan website with this tool. I am happy about that my website is clean fron Malware.

Very nice Tutorial.