How to download YouTube and other video in Web freer browser

download a youtube video in web freer
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Web freer browser gives power to you to browse block website in your area from last few days some of my friend asking about “how to download YouTube and other videos in Web freer browser” after lots of work on this issue I found a solution for you guys how to download a video in Web freer browser it is very easy to download a video in web freer browser.

How to download a video in web freer step by step

Step #1: First of all open your Web freer browser.

download youbube vidoe in web freer

Step #2: Then click on “Customize and control web freer” button in your browser it is located in right corner below the cross icon.

setting menu in web freer

Step #3: Open setting menu in “Customize and control” bar.

setting menu in web freer

Step #4: In setting menu you will see an extension tab which is located left side of your browser below the history menu.

extension tab in web freer

Step #5: In extension menu you will see your web freer extension and you all see a “Get More Extension” button click on that.

get more extension tab in web freer

Step #6: In get more extension menu search “youtube video downloader” it will give you lot of results then go to extension tab and click on the 4 th app in this result which name is YouTube video downloader.

search extension tab in web freer

youtube video downloading in web freer

Step #7: When you successful add this extension in your web freer browser then open a video which you want to download.

youtube video download on web freer

Step #8: You will see Download button appear below the subscribe button.

Step #9: When you click on download button then it takes you to another website where you can download this video just click on download button and download your video.

download a video from web freer

Now enjoy YouTube and other video downloading with web freer.

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plz tell me where is youtube downloader or alternata way


i cant find youtube downloader in extention???????????????

Hassan farooq 12
Hassan farooq 12

i don't see any extension Named as ( you-tube video Downloader)  in the list 
 have tried already  :( 
I need it for my WebFreer 
i understand the whole procedure  bro 

panhwerwaseem moderator

@ZulfiqarAhmad Dear follow screen shot one by one you will successfully configure YouTube downloader for web freer video if you face any difficulties then tell me the step where you find difficulties.