How to promote your business or product through Social Media

how to promote your business one social media
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Now day’s social media is one of the most important tool to promote your business or product, but lot of peoples don’t know how to work on social media to promote business, even more than 30% peoples who running internet marketing business they don’t know about social media.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a tool where people can share their views, thoughts and many other things with their friends, family and other peoples, social media is one of the powerful tool which use for connecting people.

Still lot of peoples get confused on social media promotion, they always ask how to use socail media to promote our product, so I want to give you one single example from this you easily understand how to use social media to promote your product or business let’s take an example “Mr. X have open an business and Mr. X want to promote his business so peoples buy his product Mr. X give contract to Mr. Y to market Mr. X business in all over the world, Mr. Y print more than 10 thousand posters and post that all posters on different cities and different countries in this case Mr. Y pay for posters print price, countries traveling price and other advertising charges” let’s think on this example for 2 to 3 minutes you will understand how you can save your money also promote your product in allover world with the help of social media you just need to make an social media account and add some friends in your account then share your business with your friends and also request your friends to share your business in their circle from this way you can increase the viewers of your business.

Top 3 Social Media Networks

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Google Plus

Just make your account on both of 3 social networks and add friends from different countries in your circle and share your business with your friends so your friends will share your business with their friends and from this way you will get hits on your website and you will see that your product sales is now increasing after promoting your product on social media.

Facebook is one of the best social networks which have 500 million register users so make an Facebook fan page and start promoting your business on Facebook fan page.

Social Media promotion of business is less expansive and very much interactive.

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I try more social media to promote our product, but not increase the sales and traffic. what i do to increase the sales and traffic. I ask that question many people , somebody say  our landing page is not attractive.  but another same to advies to continue  your work sincerely.. it must be increase the sales and traffic.. please guide me.

panhwerwaseem moderator

@rajqpt I saw your website landing pages; yes it is not too much attractive First step for you is to make an attractive theme for your website after theme work change your Google Ads places and publish your website on different forums and Website from this way you will get traffic and sales this process will take some time but it will give you amazing amount of traffic and sales if you need more help we are here always for you guys.