How Smart Phones bring revolution to this world

Smart Phone Revolution
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Smart phones bring big revolution to this world before smart phones this world is just like a fish without water, Worldwide smart phones introduce in 2007 and 2008 but they are very much expensive so less peoples buy them but now smart phones are not so much expensive and everyone can buy a smart phone easily a cheapest smart phone prices is 100$.

What is Smart Phone?

Lot of peoples don’t know what is smart phone but they are using it, Smart phone is a mobile phone in which you can do all work of your business which you do in your computer like Email sending, spreadsheet making in excel, reminders, photo editing, meeting alerts and many more, smart phones make our life very easy we can access any website any ever, we can send an email to our business partner from sleeping bad.

Different Types of Smart Phones

Now day’s different companies provide different type of smart phones but from those all we have top 3 to 4 companies which provide the best smart phones, Apple provide iPhone and iPad with iOS, Samsung Provide Galaxy smart phones which have Android OS and Sony provide Sony Xperia which have Android OS.

From 2000 to 2007 when a person ask us to send an email but we are on picnic holidays then we wait to reach home and access internet then we send that email to that guy but now with smart phones we easily send email to that person on the same time when it said that please send me this file.

Smart phone and new technologies make our life so easy and comfortable but it also make us lazy and less active so we have to take daily 10 to 15 minute walk to make our self-active from this way we will get good health.

But still more than 30% peoples don’t like smart phones even they don’t like technology changes but we have to accept that technology made our life so easy because which thing we do in 10 days now that same thing we do in just few minutes and this all happen because of new technologies like this smart phones, I am true lover of new technology and I am sure you also accept new technology because it make our life so easy.

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