How to turn on your Laptop/PC into a WI-FI access point

MyPublic Wifi free software
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I got many email from this website visitors about “How to turn on Laptop or PC into a WI-FI access point” most of the user want to convert their LAN internet into Wi-Fi without any device but they want some kind of software which do this whole work for them so I decide to post how to make PC /laptop a Wi-Fi device where you can share you LAN internet as Wi-Fi and access it on your mobile phones and other equipment’s, I found one of the most amazing software which make our laptop/pc as a Wi-Fi device it name is MyPublic Wi-Fi.

What is MyPublic Wi-Fi?

MyPublic Wi-Fi is freeware software which help you to turn on your Laptop/PC into a Wi-Fi access point with URL and Firewall tracking you just need to follow some simple steps to setup this software internet sharing in your Laptop/PC.

Installation Steps of MyPublic Wi-Fi

Step #1: Download MyPublic Wi-Fi.

Step #2: Install MyPublic Wi-Fi like other software’s.

Step #3: When you successfully install MyPublic Wi-Fi then open it as Administrator permission because it can’t run on ordinary permission it need firewall access so we have to start this program on admistrator permission, Right click on MyPublic Wi-Fi icon and select Run as Administer.

Step #4: On main screen of MyPublic Wi-Fi you will see some setting like SSID, Network Password and etc…

MyPublic wifi main screen

How to Unable LAN sharing for MyPublic Wi-Fi

Step #1: Open your Computer network adapter setting and right click on your LAN icon which names Ethernet->Properties than open sharing tab in properties than check the option “allow other user to connect internet through this computer internet” it automatically show you Wi-Fi name which MyPublic Wi-Fi creates just select that name in dropdown list your computer Wi-Fi sharing will automatically on.

Internet sharing images

Step #2: Now open CMD with administrator permissions and type this “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” now your Wi-Fi sharing successful on you will check it by connecting your computer Wi-Fi from your mobile.

MyPublic Wi-Fi Downloading/Image Source: MyPublicWifi official website
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