How to use windows 8 application store

Windows 8 application store
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Windows 8 have more powerful features and windows 8 application store is one of them, yesterday my friend ask me how to use windows 8 application store so I decide to post on how to use windows 8 application store because I know more than 40% peoples don’t use this windows 8 amazing service, some of the applications in windows 8 application store are free and some of the applications are paid same as like Google android app store.

Windows 8 application store tutorial

Step #1: When you login to your windows 8 operating system you will see a main screen which have more application including desktop, from that screen select a green basket icon which use for windows 8 app store.

Step #2: Wait for 20 to 30 seconds so windows 8 load all application from internet.

Step #3: Now you are in windows 8 application store find your application and click on that to open that application main screen.

Windows 8 application store applications

Step #4: Now just click on install button, if application is free then you see install button if application is paid then you see buy button.

Buy windows 8 application

Windows 8 bring revolution to operating system world because it have more awesome graphics and now they also introduce these kind of application from where user can easily find applications, games, music and movies on main screen an download it without going to other website windows 8 bring all the things in our hands.

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