Windows 8 top 5 Advantages over Windows 7

windows 8 advantage over windows 7
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Peoples still love windows 7 and they don’t want to switch from windows 7 to windows 8 because they think windows 8 have more issues and we can’t handle it so today I decide to post on this topic I am sure after reading these top 5 advantages of windows 8 you defiantly switch to windows 8.

1) Windows 8 have Awesome Graphics

Windows 8 have awesome graphics which you can’t find in windows 7 like windows 8 have new screen when you log-on to your PC/Laptop you will see first screen which is full of application like mobile phone screen it have awesome graphics from that screen you can navigate to desktop and other application of windows 8.

windows 8 news graphics

2) Windows 8 Detect Computer Drivers Automatically

When you install windows 8 in your System you will see it automatically detect your all devices and install all devices drivers automatically which windows 7 can’t do for you we have to install each and every device driver manually.

3) Windows 8 Total boot time is 8 second

This is one of the most awesome boot time I saw in windows 8, you never see an operating system which boot just in 8 second but windows 8 booting time is 8 second it is so amazing feature which you can’t find in windows 7 and other operating systems.

4) Windows 8 have application store

Windows 8 have application store from where you can easily download games, software’s and many more other applications some of them are free and some of them are paid.

windows 8 application store

5) Windows 8 have more security then Windows 7

In windows 7 I personally face many security issues but when I install windows 8 it give me awesome security feature from those feature I can control my Laptop security very easily because it’s all on internet.

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