Grade Creates Divide

Grade Creates Divide
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Yesterday my little sweet brother gets his result and he said to me I got A1 grade in my class, he also got a trophy and a picture with principal of school, when I ask him “you got A1 grade and school gives you honor” but what happen with those guys who got last position in school he said to me we never notice them because they are losers from this behavior of my little brother I understand that grades create divide some peoples get high grade they always reward with best gifts but some peoples come last they always get punishment.

How to remove this system

First of all we have to finish this grade system, we always trained our children to study for excellence, successes will automatically come, leave your children what they want to do, never force them to do engineering or any other profession which you like  but you your children don’t like because peoples always get success when they do what they love, so leave your children and see what they are donning I am sure they will get success in their profession which they chose.

When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win them.

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