How to Convert Windows Documents to PDF Free Online

How to Convert Windows Documents to PDF Free Online
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The Portable Document Format is very convenient for saving and sharing electronic documents like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, AutoCAD or any other Windows format. The reason people opt for PDF when saving files is that this universal format doesn’t allow you to mistakenly change something inside the document. Also, unlike Word, Excel and other formats, PDF will appear the same on any computer device, as long as you have a free PDF Reader installed.

Recognizing the advantages of PDF-archived documents, most people use different kinds of converters to turn their Windows files into PDFs. Some converters are very advanced, with impressive features like OCR conversion, securing and watermarking PDFs, etc.

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However, for people who work with computer documents on a regular basis but don’t need any advanced options, free online PDF creators are an ideal solution that can help them quickly convert documents and boost their productivity.

To this end, came up with the Free Online PDF Creator – a very easy to use and online converter that delivers converted files identical to the original documents. Furthermore, the tool is completely free, can be used an unlimited amount of times and the whole conversion process takes place online, which frees users from having to install any new software on their computers. Plus, you can use the tool from any computer you want, as long as you have an Internet connection.

How to USE online PDF Converter

How to Convert Windows Documents to PDF Free Online

To demonstrate how easy it is to use this smooth PDF creator, let’s go through four simple steps of the PDF printing process:

Step #1: Visit the tool’s page of PDF Converter

Step #2: Choose your desired Windows file that you want to print.

Step #3: As instructed, type your email address.

Step #4: Click “Start!” and head over to your email inbox to retrieve your new PDF document.

If you feel uneasy about entering your email address, read the tool provider’s statement on this page where you can see they guarantee complete user information safety and privacy. Rest assured that all documents and email addresses are deleted from the server after 24 hours.

To conclude, the Free Online PDF Creator is a great choice for anyone in need of a fast, reliable and hassle-free PDF management solution.

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