Top 3 Best Smartphones of 2013

Galaxy S4 one of best smartphone in 2013
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Smartphones made our life easier and efficient because now we can do any work any time no matter where we are, famous companies smartphones have more power as compare to other smartphones there are thousands of smartphones available in market but only few smartphones are awesome which fulfill all needs of a smart users and today we bring top 3 best smartphone of 2013.

1) Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S4 is newly launched smartphone by Samsung company after Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in market it kicks out all other smartphone from market because Galaxy S4 all those feature which a smart and common user need, Galaxy S4 have some new and advance features which we never see in other smartphones one big advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4 is it have awesome camera and awesome Google now application which give us correct information no matter where we are, Galaxy S4 have air Gesture touch feature from which you can navigate into your Galaxy S4 without touching and Samsung Galaxy S4 bring amazing revolution to this world.

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Galaxy S4 one of best smartphone in 2013

2) iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is amazing smartphone but it is on number 2 because iPhone 5 is improved implementation of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 have less features as compare to Galaxy S4 but iPhone 5 have some unique features which most of the people like in iPhone 5, many Apple product lover love iPhone 5 but sales of iPhone 5 is less as compare to Samsung Galaxy S4.

iPhone 5 one of best smartphone in 2013

3) Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is a newly launched smartphone by Sony Company, there lots of awesome features available in Sony Xperia Z but Sony Company focus on Camera and Camera picture quality, Sony Xperia Z have amazing slim and sexy body and it also have some awesome and new features.

Sony Xperia Z one of best smartphone in 2013

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone then I suggest you to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 because it is awesome in design and awesome in its features.

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