How to Lose Belly Fat without Losing Weight in 2013

waist band exercise help you to lose or reduce side of your waist
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Many people want to lose their belly fat but they don’t want to lose more weight because they are in condition of “Skinny Fat”, skinny fat is a condition when your legs, arms and some other areas of body are thin but belly and hips contain extra fat so they need a method which help them to reduce belly fat without losing weight that’s why today I decide to tell you how to lose belly fat without losing weight.


If you feel that you are in Skinny Fat condition then take 6 small meals per day instead of 3 larger meals, eat healthy food and avoid oily and unhealthy food and take more juices and fruits for protein and vitamins.


To lose belly fat you have to do some set of exercises on daily basis there are lots of exercises available but we recommended you to do specific belly fat exercises which help you to lose your belly fat in less days.

1) Crunches

In starting do 10 to 20 crunches on daily basis but after 2 to 3 days increase your crunches round up-to 40 to 60, crunches help you to reduce your belly fat in less time.

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Why Exercise is important for our Health

2) Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing is one of the best exercises which help you to lose belly fat in less days, mountain claiming is hardest exercise so in starting you will feel more difficulties but after someday you will feel awesome with mountain climbing exercise.

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3) Push-ups

Do daily 50 to 100 push-ups and after few days increase your push-ups rounds.

push up help you to build stamina and also help you to lose your extra body fat

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