Mixing smartphones with Projectors in 2013

Mixing smartphones with projectors
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People love big screens. Everywhere you go, you’ll see that people will always try to buy the TV with the biggest screen possible. Watching sports or a movie you love in a big screen is an experience that isn’t easy to replicate with a smaller screen. This is an almost universally agreed fact. Nowadays, people carry dozens of movies, videos, pictures and games in their smartphones. Projecting those movies and pictures to a big screen has been fantasized by many gadget fans, and there have been many ways to make it a reality. Technology in projectors is here to make this happen.

Many companies such as Epson and Sony have taken a keen interest in developing projectors that have been designed specifically for use with mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets. Brookstone met with great success when they launched their HDMI Pocket Projector, a device that can be hooked to any laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera and desktop. Thanks to its advanced DLP technology, it is able to deliver 1080p covering up to 60” on any flat surface. This portable projector also has an internal battery that serves as a backup for your tablet or smartphone.

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However, many still dream about having a mobile device with a built in projector. It’s an exciting idea, a tablet or a smartphone that can project high quality images without hooking it up to an external device. Imagine being able to give business presentations without having to carry anything other than your lightweight smartphone. The only thing you’d need is your phone charger.

Popular electronics company Samsung was one of the first to make those dreams a reality when they launched the Samsung Galaxy Beam last year. Many technology aficionados gave positive reviews to the Galaxy Beam. However, there was one complaint that was heard time and time again: the built-in projector wasn’t of great quality. Of course, no one actually expected that it would rival a $1200 Epson projector. Nevertheless, it’s still able to deliver decent images without any extra attached to it. The solid success of the Galaxy Beam caused more and more companies to be interested in including projection technology inside their own smartphones. It is speculated that Apple is now working heavily to launch a mobile device with a quality built-in projector. The only thing left for us is to wait and see where this trend takes us gadget lovers in the near future.

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