3 Best Tricks to lose 30KG weight in 3 Months

3 Best Tricks to lose 30KG weight in 3 Months
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Many people want to lose their good amount of weight in less time but they don’t know a perfect way which help them to lose more weight in less time, many people use medicine and other products to lose their weight but all those medicines and products cause health problems that’s why today I bring 3 amazing natural tricks which help you to lose more weight in less time.

1) 3 time Exercise in a Day

Many people think they can lose their weight without exercise but I want to tell you that you can’t lose weight without exercise, 3 time exercise in a day is one of the best trick which I develop to lose more weight in less time. Many people do exercise in morning, many do in evening but in my formula you have to do exercise 3 times a day like in morning, after lunch and in evening.

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We never suggest you to do exercise immediately after lunch when you eat your lunch then take a rest for 1 or 2 hours and then do 30 minutes exercise.

2) Eat 2 meals in a Day

Many people eat 3 meals in a day like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner but we suggest you to take 2 meals in a day like Breakfast and Lunch, from this way you will lose more weight in less time because your calories intake is very less as compare to your calories need. Always eat healthy food and avoid oily and unhealthy food many people love to eat oily food and that unhealthy food increase your weight so be careful while eating.

3) Talk More

When we talk it help us to lose calories so when you are losing weight talk more and more with your friends, family and any other person because it will lose your weight.

Many people email me that what kind of exercises we have to do when we are losing weight, so don’t worry about exercise you can do any exercise which you like, you can find thousands of exercise course on YouTube.

If you follow my formula I am sure you will lose more than 30KG weight in 4 months but condition is you have to follow this formula for 3 months.

Image Source: diabetes.org.uk
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