Colors of Life

Colors of Life
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Life have many colors or I can say it life have unlimited colors, many people enjoy their life and many people don’t enjoy their life, many people see the colors of life, but many people don’t see the colors of life, many people have a vision to do something in life and many people are with blank mind, there are thousands of people who don’t even understand the cycle of life.

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Colors of Life

Cycle of Life

An average person life is divided into 4 parts I will explain each part one by one.

1) Peron born

When we born we see some new faces, new colors, new things and we love each and every thing when we are in between 1 to 3 years old but when we grow-up we understand each and every thing slowly and after few years we know about each and every thing.

2) Young Person

Youngness is second stage of life, this is the one the best stage of life where people enjoy their freedom, different colors of life and many more things, this stage is full of enjoyment and in this stage we find our life partner which help us to live a better life.

3) Mature Person

Maturity is third stage of life in this stage people work hard to provide awesome life to their love once, in this stage people gets more serious about their life goals, in this stage all enjoyment convert into hard work and in this stage people decide what I have to do to achieve my goals.

4) Old Person

Oldness is fourth stage of life in this stage people again react like a child, in this stage people again go back to their childhood and their last aim is to leave this world with good relations, this is everything about life if you want to see colors of life then find it in between these 4 stages.

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