Picnicking for the Health Conscious

Picnicking for the Health Conscious
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The obesity issue that is sweeping the UK, USA and many other countries is universally acknowledged, but crash diets seem to be favored instead of healthy eating that will solve the problem for life. One example of the manner in which attitudes have changed and need to be changed back is the picnic. It offers the perfect opportunity to prepare your own food and eat healthily, but more often than not it is yet another excuse to binge eat anything that catches the eye.

When picking out food for the picnic people nowadays opt for easy and quick, which unfortunately often means packaged food. This results in hidden calories, high levels of salt and fat and a lot of excess rubbish. In many cases it is also much more expensive than simply making your own food, but when you are short on time and want a treat it is much more enticing to browse the supermarket aisle than the recipe books. In the past packaged food was not an option and the closest thing you would get to it would be ordering a bakery or grocer’s to prepare you a picnic in advance and even this option wouldn’t have the same level of preservatives and additives; it would all be cooked from scratch with healthy food and innovative recipes.

Which place is better for Picnic

Ideally a picnic should be made at home from fresh ingredients that are in season and locally sourced. Of course, this isn’t always possible but it is certainly the dream. Picnics can easily be made up of a few choice items and then combined during the picnic to make a taste sensation. Examples include hummus and bread, grapes and cheese, but there are many others. The best way to make a picnic that will truly be remembered by your taste buds is to be inspired by the seasons. In Britain we are all used to the sunshine appearing whenever it wants to, so there is no definite summertime food. Choose your picnic feast based on what is ripe in your area. Strawberries might be on sale and look enormous on the Supermarket shelves, but bite into one and you will probably be disappointed. A ripe, organic strawberry will seduce you with its smell way before you’ve even bitten into it. Look out for foods at your local farmer’s market as this is where the really tasty pieces will be.

Buying from local farmers is also a fantastic way to help your area prosper. You will also find a certain satisfaction from eating produce that is not only grown in this country, but in your local area. To make the day even more special, why not get the whole family to join in at a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm before the picnic. That way you can all gather your own fruit or vegetables before setting off for a delicious meal. It might sound like labour, but ‘Pick Your Own’ or PIY farms are a very fun way to spend time and gain a lovely tan. You will also be content in the knowledge that you are supporting your community and keeping your body healthy simultaneously.

A picnic is a treat no matter where you go or what you eat, but to make the most of it try to make it as natural as possible. Pack clean, healthy food into a wicker hamper to save on packaging and rubbish. Choose a spot deep in the countryside and avoid all technological distractions like phones and tablets. You’ll find that at the end of the picnic you are refreshed and relaxed.

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